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Singapore-Malaysia Toll Card


How EZ-Pay Works ! Link to Video
Don’t you LOVE driving through an ERP gantry without enough money in your cash card? Isn’t it GREAT needing to top up your cash card when you’re already in a rush? No? Help is here. With EZ-Pay, you’ll always have both hands on the steering wheel or handlebar – no more fumbling for your cards! EZ-Pay is a FREE CARDLESS PAYMENT SERVICE from EZ-Link that GUARANTEES you won’t have to deal with these problems ever again!

EZ-Reload – Auto top-up for your EZ-Link Link to Video
Save time and skip the queues at the top-up machines with EZ-Reload <auto top-up> for your EZ-Link! Register for this free service with your Mastercard or Visa card via the EZ-Link app!

The TRUST Programme – Going Digital to Redefine Protection and Assurance Link to Video
Back in 2015, the TRUST Programme was launched to safeguard consumers’ prepaid packages of spa and wellness products and services. With TRUST, consumers will have the assurance of a refund of any un-utilised funds of their prepaid packages should the participating merchant ceases operations. For an enhanced, redefined consumers’ experience, EZ-Link has launched a new digital platform for the TRUST Programme which includes a Customer App – prior to this, customers on board TRUST would have to carry a physical card. The move away from a traditional card-based system aims to widen the adoption of TRUST and allows more customers to be protected for their purchases of spa and wellness prepaid packages. With the TRUST app, customers are now able to track prepaid packages, transactions and have better control.

Singapore Tourist Pass Link to Video
The Singapore Tourist Pass (STP) is a special EZ-Link that offers tourist unlimited travel on Singapore’s basic bus services, MRT and LRT trains for the duration that it is valid. You can now take in the sights and sounds of Singapore in the comfort of the island’s extensive train system and public bus network. At wallet-friendly prices, you do not have to worry about having insufficient funds for your transport needs with the Singapore Tourist Pass. All you have to do is to purchase the Singapore Tourist Pass, choose the number of day passes you require, use for your unlimited rides on buses and trains, and refund the card before you leave Singapore!

The Singapore Tourist Pass comes in 3 options; 1-day, 2-day or 3-day while The Singapore Tourist Pass Plus comes in 2 options; 1-day or 3 day UNLIMITED travel passes for buses and train.

EZ-Link App – Experience EZ-Link at your fingertips!
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The all-in-one official EZ-Link app enables you to track your transactions, block your EZ-Link and earn exciting rewards when you pay with EZ-Link!

Never Receive ERP Fines Again With Auto Top-Up!
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A new ERP system is upon us in 2020, and your cashcard should get an upgrade along with that! The NETS Contactless Cashcard’s auto top-up feature means you never have to do it manually or worry about not having enough balance.

Guide to NETSPay, Singapore’s payment app that CAN!
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Whichever the bank, whatever the phone, wherever in Singapore.
Introducing the one mobile app that CAN!

Experience NETSPay now on App store and Google Play:

– App Store:
– Google Play:
Find out more:

TransitLink Instructional Video – How to top up at the General Ticketing Machines Link to Video
This instructional video shows the 3 simple steps on topping your travel card (Concession Card, ez-link card and NETS FlashPay Card) at the General Ticketing Machines using your ATM Card, credit/debit card and cash!

It’s that simple! Simply follow the instructions in this video and you can top up your travel card at your own convenience! :)

My EZ-Link Mobile Link to Video
Here’s a great way to top up your ez-link card on the go! My EZ-Link Mobile is a free mobile application that transforms NFC smartphones into portable personal top-up devices thus enabling you to top up your ez-link cards at your own convenience. The top-up process is entirely cashless, allowing users to pay with their credit or debit cards. Launched by EZ-Link Pte Ltd, My EZ-Link Mobile app can be downloaded for free at the Google Play store and is compatible with selected NFC Android phones.

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