Your Brand In Their Wallet

Singapore commuters all carry a card, NETS FlashPay or Ezlink, in their purse or their wallet. This means that millions of people daily are looking at a single type of card. The card that is kept in their wallet or purse, along with all the other highly important items in their wallet. Items such as pictures of their loved ones, credit cards, important information, it is in there. These items are touched, moved and looked at all the time. It would be foolish to not have your branding on one of the cards and important items they keep in their wallets.

Your branding on a NETS FlashPay or Ezlink card, is another chance of some other possible customer seeing your brand. Imagine if for each NETS FlashPay or Ezlink card that you pay to have customized, if one other different person daily, saw that brand a day, how many people will have your brand name on their tongue.

When they consider going shopping, or to hire someone to do a specified task, it very well could be because they saw your branding on that card, that came out of that wallet. For just one customized card in one person’s wallet or purse, that could be more than 350 people looking at and remembering your brand in one year.

Now that number may not seem like much, but multiply that by even 50% of the cards you purchase and have customized with your branding. The number of people that view an Ezlink or NETS FlashPay card could be astronomical. That is also likely to be your customer because they will see the branding and remember the branding when they need a company to do the task.

Many people make decisions for cards based on emotion. Be the business that creates the emotion that people will remember.

It is a fact that many people, when they see something in a repetitive manner, such as day to day, will remember the brand they have been seeing. Your branding on a NETS FlashPay or Ezlink card is beneficial in the aspect of daily views, but also with the purpose. Customizing your brand onto a card that so many will need each day only makes valuable sense for a business. You may spend to have it done, but the brand in the wallet that is seen daily is worth far more than branding a card that is used one time a year. Let’s really think about that. Now is the time to be unique, not follow the crowd and make something like all others do. Customize your brand, your logo onto a NETS FlashPay or Ezlink travel card, then many others will also see it and want to be part of your brand.

Visit our website for our range of products and comprehensive services. We provide design, packaging customization and letter shopping services to deliver quality finished transport cards. We have served more than 5000 local SMEs, large MNCs, government sectors with their personalized branding on Ez-link and NETS FlashPay cards to bring forth their messages, designs and logos for various events. We look forward to work with you on the customized transport cards serving as an effective and inexpensive marketing and brand awareness tool for your organization.
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