You Use It Daily, Make It Yours

Whether you live in Singapore or if you are on a visit to the beautiful location, there is one thing you will need while you are here. In order to utilize public transportation, most people carry a prepaid, stored value card. These cards allow for quick and efficient payment of transit fees. NETS flashpay and the EZ-Link cards are a safe and secure way to pay for many things in Singapore. They can be used for the transit fees, shopping and retail, and even used in some food and dining locations.

The cards are easily loaded, in different increments and they have years of use before they come to an expiry date. They are handy to have and work the same as a prepaid credit card. As long as the money is on there, your expenses are paid.

Since this is a card that you carry with you everywhere, and likely use each and every day to commute to and from work, or to town to do some errands and shopping, why not make the NETS flashpay card or the EZ-Link card customized and beautiful. At SmartCard, we do just that. We can print either card with a family picture, a picture of your pet, a business logo, a business motto or branding or even a picture of nature or a famous quote that you love. We design and create these cards in a fashion you choose. The NETS flashpay card and EZ-Link cards can be purchased for your own use, or as one of many other options.

Many businesses will have SmartCard customize cards so that they can hand them out to visitors or clients when they stop for appointments. They can be given as a customer loyalty bonus, as an employee appreciation gift. These cards can be used for Holiday gifts for teachers, bosses, employees, the postal employee or anyone that you deal with on a daily basis.
Anyone is sure to appreciate a gift of NETS flashpay card or EZ-Link. These would not be something that a person would toss away immediately.

When SmartCard customizes these cards for your business or personal reasons, a variety of people are likely to see the card daily. That is multiple people that see your branding or your logo each day, a type of free advertising for your business. This, in turn, brings more clients or customers through your doors. Personally, when you have a card customized with your favorite subject, whether it is family, pets or some form of nature, you will appreciate the fact that the card is not just a boring thing that you use and forget immediately. These NETS flashpay or EZ-Link cards that are customized are sure to bring a smile to your face or the face of many others when they look at the beauty.

Visit our website for our range of products and comprehensive services. We provide design, packaging customization and letter shopping services to deliver quality finished transport cards. We have served more than 5000 local SMEs, large MNCs, government sectors with their personalized branding on Ez-link and NETS FlashPay cards to bring forth their messages, designs and logos for various events. We look forward to work with you on the customized transport cards serving as an effective and inexpensive marketing and brand awareness tool for your organization.
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