Why Is Nets FlashPay Card So Famous?

There are several reasons why the NETS FlashPay card is so popular in Singapore. These reasons make the card the best option for you, whether you are tourist or a permanent resident of Singapore. In fact, this article is focused on the reasons why people love the card. So, without further ado, let’s take care of business.

One card for all

You can use this card for your daily transportation needs and other retail needs. Most types of cards are either for transportation or for other retail needs but this card combines both. This makes payment more convenient for you. Here are some places where you can use the card.

• ERP and CEPAS-complaint car park charges

• Selected hawker centers

• Supermarkets

• Convenience stores

• Food courts



• Public buses

• SMRT taxis

• Comfort & CityCab

The card is secure

The crime rate has reached an alarming rate in virtually all parts of the world. So, security is at the top of everyone’s mind. With this card, you don’t have to worry about identity theft or about misplacing it. The card is secure. Even if you misplace it or it gets stolen, it is useless to any other person except you.

Once you activate FlashPay Shield, you’ll be protected against fraud and theft. This will also make you eligible for vehicle roadside assistance services.

Easy top up

The card is one of the easiest cards to top up. All you need is to download and install the NETS FlashPay Reader App. With the app, you can top-up your card on the go. You can top it up with your credit or debit card and you can even automate top-up by setting up the auto top-up feature.

It helps to control your spending

The card is good for people who spend on impulse. Even if you come across series of items that you love, you can’t pay more than the amount loaded on the card. This is why many parents already use it to give their children their allowances. Your child can’t spend more than the amount on his card.

Even if you give him his allowance once in a week, even if he finishes the amount within a couple of days, he’ll have to wait till the following week when you top up his card. If you have a child in college, you can give him this card.

The card is available everywhere

You can easily get the card from numerous points. Here are some of the places where you can get the card.

• UOB Moneychangers at Changi Airport

• Travelex Moneychangers at Changi Airport

• Star Mart at all Caltex Petrol Stations

• Vicom

• FairPrice Xpress

• Cheers

• Buzz Pods

• 7-Eleven stores

• TransitLink Ticket Offices

• NETS FlashPay Online Store

• NETS Customer Service Centre

Once you start using the card, the convenience that comes with it will make it almost impossible for you to live without it.

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