Why Is Ez-Link Card So Famous?

Do you know that Ez-Link cards are so famous in Singapore? So, if you live in Singapore whether as a citizen or an immigrant and you do not have an Ez-Link card, then you should consider getting a customised Ez-Link card from us.

Ez-Link card is so famous because it can be used at virtually all outlets in Singapore. For a proper understanding of how powerful an Ez-Link card is, some of the places where the card is acceptable will be looked at.

Some places where Ez-Link customised cards can be used:

1. Transport outfits
By transport outfits, you will be talking about train management companies, especially trains being run by both SBST and SMRT. If you have a customised Ez-link card, you are free to board these trains at any train station and to any destination as long as the amount on your card covers the cost of taking a train to that particular destination.

Secondly, all public and private buses and taxis also accept the card. You can as well make use of the card for payment purposes when you take SMRT and TransCab taxis. Additionally, your customised card can be used for Electronic Parking System and Electronic Road Pricing payments: (EPS) and (EPR).

2. Food and Beverage outlets
Yes, a lot of food and beverage outlets accept the card as a means of payment. And more of these outlets are embracing the use of this card as more people now prefer the card. Hence, this is another good reason why you need it too. Nobody wants to be left behind in this digital age.

3. Retail outlets
Retail outlets are another category of business establishments that accept the Ez-Link card. People no longer want to go around with heavy cash, however, they must satisfy their needs and wants, so they must do frequent shopping for foodstuffs, clothes, shoes, and all other necessities of life. With an Ez-Link card, retail shopping becomes easier and more convenient. Moreover, it helps retail store owners to retain customers who may be interested in a product but without cash on hand. So, you can simply say that Ez-Link card being acceptable as a means of payment helps business owners to increase sales.

4. Leisure and Entertainment outlets
Leisure and entertainment outlets accept the Ez-Link card as well. So, if you are thinking of unwinding or relaxing at a leisure spot and you have a customised card then you are good to go. You can have as much fun as you want as long as the stored value on your card covers the expenses.

Furthermore, aside from these four categories, there are still many other places or outlets where this card can be used including for Government services. Even as of today, self-services outlets are now accepting the use of this card too. So now, are you willing to be a part of the growing list of Ez-Link card users?

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