What Is The Nets Flashpay Card?

The NETS Flashpay card is a more secure way of paying for your transit fares in Singapore. The NETS flashpay card can also be used for shopping and retail, and even at some local dining locations. The cards are quick and efficient, they are prepaid and stored value cards that consumers use for a variety of reasons.

Here at SmartCard, we can also offer to personalize the NETS Flashpay cards. Whether it is for business or personal, if you have a picture or design in mind, we can customize the NETS flashpay cards for you.
Customized cards will make great customer appreciation gifts, thank you gifts to loyal employees, gifts for a job well done and promotion. On a personal level, the NETS flashpay card can be customized with a family picture, a picture of a pet, or a picture of the kids. They would make excellent stocking stuffers or gifts around the holidays. When you load them with a prepaid amount, you could send them as gift cards for special occasions. No more worrying that you forgot to grab coins for the transit fare. The cards are quick payment for most activities you enjoy across Singapore. Have them customized so that loads of people will know who you are at your business. That makes a great form of advertising. Along with word of mouth, hearing how your business handed out cards will likely bring in more customers.
What better way of letting others know about your business than with a NETS Flashpay card with your company name, logo or branding? This is great advertising for a business.

The NETS Flashpay card, although originally for transit costs are becoming more widely used across the country of Singapore.
• The NETS Flashpay card has a rewards program for its users. Earn points as you spend and redeem for great offers.
• SmartCard is able to help you create a design that people will remember, also unique concepts.

All consumers enjoy the easy use of the NETS Flashpay card. They are safe and secure and easily reloaded at any number of locations. These cards are easily topped up with different amounts and can hold up to $500. The cards do not expire for a few years, so no fears of not using what is loaded on the cards.

The combination of NETS Flashpay cards and SmartCard for your customization requirements make a phenomenal team. You could even have a favorite quote printed on the cards or a business catchphrase that people will read and have stuck in their minds like a jingle from your favorite television commercial. There is no order that will be considered ridiculous to us here at SmartCard. We value your business and look forward to customizing NETS flashpay cards for you and all you know.

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