What Is The EZ-Link Card?

The EZ-Link card was the first prepaid, stored value card to be issued in Singapore. These cards were originally designed for use on public transit. The card eliminated the need to carry change or make change to obtain a ride on the transit bus or other public transportation.

The EZ-Link card continues to remain popular as the transport card in Singapore.
With so many people using the card for transit across Singapore, for work commutes, shopping travel or dining out, why not customize the cards you hand out to employees or customers.

The EZ-Link cards can be customized by our company in any sort of graphic that works for you. We can customize to fit your corporate design needs, as well as creating a unique packaging concept.

The EZ-Link cards can also be customized by our company to fit your personal requirements. What a wonderful gift to hand out to friends or relatives, when it has a photo of your family on the front of the card. They would be able to see smiling faces of people they love each time they pull the card out to use. 

For gifts other than Christmas, such as birthdays, anniversaries or just because you love them. They can also have a favorite quote printed on them or special message of love. Big companies or Corporations could order in bulk and have the company logo, colors, and name printed on the cards. These could be given away for employment anniversaries, promotions within the company, or customer appreciation promotions. Some companies give out cards with their business logo that are preloaded with a small amount as a way of thanking them for their visit to your company. There is not a better way to show your customers that you do appreciate the business they bring your way.

The EZ Link card is used for more than just public transit fares. The card can be used for shopping, retail, and even many dining establishments. They are a secure and quick way of making a payment. They are easily reloaded to continue use. The expiration is a few years, making it efficient and long lasting.

Now, with the new app, there are benefits you can receive from using your EZ-Link card. Rather more like a reward for using the ease of the card. You are able to earn one point for every ten cents spent when using your EZ-Link card.

Whether it is for personal gifts or company gifts, have your EZ-Link cards customized the way you want by our company. What better way of spreading the word of your business, people will see your logo or branding each day, and tell others how they received a customized card with your business name or logo.

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