The usage of EzLink Card and NETS Flashpay cards have virtually the same purpose. They are both preloaded, stored money cards. They are both used for all types of public transportation in Singapore and the surrounding areas. These cards have the capability to make contactless payment quickly and securely. Payments made are convenient and also accurately and in different retail places.

As a stored value card used in and around Singapore, the usage of EzLink and NETS FlashPay Cards are widely accepted as a payment option in shopping, retail, and some food courts. EzLink can also be used for ERP charges, any government payment one needs to make, as well as the transport or transit costs.

Both the NETS Flashpay card and the EzLink card have a limit of $500.00 of stored value on the cards.

The EZ-Link card is backed by the government, while the NETS Flashpay is backed by a large banking corporation. In simple terms, they are both stored value cards, issued by different places. This does not help in making a decision on which one to use. They are equal in this aspect.

In general, there is no real usage differences between the EzLink and NETs FlashPay cards. The lists of acceptable vendor locations are almost identical.

Even for those visiting Singapore for a short vacation, the card does not expire for a few years, so if you plan on a return visit, keep your card and use it again the next visit.

The choice of cards is the consumer’s decision. Determine from the list of vendors which is the best choice for you and your family when visiting or living in Singapore and the surrounding areas. When you need the public form of transit, determine which is the better deal.

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