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Chinese New Year Twin Lion Ezlink Card


  1. Brand new with minimum 5 years of validity
  2. Authentic Ezlink card for use in public transport and ERP.
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  4. Each card protected by clear plastic sleeve
  5. Lead time: 5 to 7 working days
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Chinese New Year Twin Lion Ezlink Card Design Gift Ideas

Chinese New Year Twin Lion Ezlink Card Design. Have a special Chinese New Year Ezlink card featuring different design.

This is a wonderful gift ideas for Anniversary, Birthday, New Born and for Wedding events. Additionally, surprise Your Mum and Dad, Best Friend, Boyfriend and Girlfriend with an exclusive gifts and they will be happy for your gift to them. Since it is also a gift card, it’s something people want to carry and a reflection of how they see themselves.

Do you need to impress your recipient with a unique canvas for conveying a message that sticks with them everyday ? Similarly, a Chinese New Year Twin Lion Ezlink Card will be a collectible custom gift card that can be used daily.

Custom design Ezlink Card and NETS FlashPay Card

Similarly, we offer you interesting custom design for NETS FlashPay Card and Ezlink Card. Upload your photographs and add personal messages onto these Cepas Card. Thereafter, you will have something unforgettable to light up your target audience with this special gift !

These custom cards are an amazing corporate gift idea to impress others with your own unique customise design. For instance, incorporate your company logo onto the custom card design for Company Anniversary and Staff Dinner & Dance gift. A unique collectible card as a corporate gift that your clients, staffs and customers will truly appreciate and treasure for many years to come.

In tandem with the government’s plan to promote easy cashless payment, Re Creations Pte Ltd helps to accelerate the marketing of Stored Value Cards used for payments of Electronic Road Pricing System, Public Buses and MRT trains. With their valued and trusted support, we are very grateful and honoured to be awarded the Promising SME 500 Award in year 2015. Therefore, looking forward, we will continue to serve our customers better in year 2024 and beyond. Check out more About SmartCard

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