People Like To Admire Beautiful Things

No one can argue that a picture is worth a thousand words. Beauty is in the eye of the holder. If given the option, most people would love to have a transit, prepaid, stored value card that is beautiful to look at compared to a bland, plain front. When given a choice to customize their NETS flashpay or EZ-Link cards, most people would choose to have a picture on the front.
The picture could be anything. It could be a family picture, a picture of your kids, maybe a favorite pet. Some people would choose to have a beautiful view of something in nature as the design on their cards. This could be wildlife, trees, mountains or a view of the lake or ocean. All of these options are possible.

At SmartCard, we believe the same way. We take it one step further. We give you beauty in the mundane. NETS flashpay and EZ-Link are beneficial and highly used stored value cards. They were originally designed to be used as a way to pay a fare on public transit vehicles. Over time, there became more uses for these types of cards. For those who live in Singapore or those who choose to vacation here and need a way to get around easily, the card is very beneficial. Not only can residents or tourists load the cards with up to $500, but the cards can also be used at a number of establishments. Citizens and visitors alike can use these stored value cards for shopping, retail and even dining out at many different locations.

When you allow us to customize your NETS flashpay cards or EZ-Link cards, we give you the beauty each and every day. No longer will you or anyone else have to stare at bland and boring cards when waiting to pay, now you have your choice of how to customize them. Whether it is someone, such as grandchildren that you do not see very often or scenes of nature that you would like to visit much more often, SmartCard can design and print those beautiful scenes for you to enjoy.

SmartCard can also print the card with your corporate design, logo and branding colors. This, as a form of advertising, is easy on the budget. The cards can be seen by a wide variety of people each day. Businesses can order a customized order and pass them out to visitors, customers, clients, and employees. These cards can be given out for numerous reasons throughout the year as a gift, bonus or a just because form of appreciation.

Customers would greatly appreciate getting a card from your establishment when they visit or conduct business there. Word spreads much faster as a form of advertising, and customized NETS flashpay cards or EZ-Link cards given as a gift will be sure to spread the word about how great your business is.

Visit our website for our range of products and comprehensive services. We provide design, packaging customization and letter shopping services to deliver quality finished transport cards. We have served more than 5000 local SMEs, large MNCs, government sectors with their personalized branding on Ez-link and NETS FlashPay cards to bring forth their messages, designs and logos for various events. We look forward to work with you on the customized transport cards serving as an effective and inexpensive marketing and brand awareness tool for your organization.
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