Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: We Need To Constantly Remind Our Customers About Our Existence For Them

Some people say out of sight is out of mind while others believe that out of sight does not necessarily mean out of mind. When it comes to business, out of sight is out of mind. Once your customers no longer see your adverts or any other thing that reminds them of your brand, they’ll gradually forget about you and switch to your competitors.

You must have observed that the most successful brands are the ones that are still spending millions of dollars on adverts and publicity. When they need a particular product or service, customers are likely to patronize any of the brands whose adverts they still see. Here is the problem. Once you no longer publicize and market your brand, you’ll be heading into irrelevancy.

Constant adverts as well as constant marketing promote credibility. Both of them will continuously reinforce your brand. The level of competition in the corporate world has become crazy so much that organizations hit one another below the belt now. You’ll be shortchanging yourself if you don’t constantly remind your customers of your existence.

Here are a few ways to do that

1. Customized cards
You can create customized cards for your clients and customers. The cards will be branded with your brand colors (or combination of colors) and logo. The more people see the card, the more they are reminded of your brand.

2. Email Newsletter
You can start inviting people to subscribe to your newsletter so you can be sending them newsletters regularly. The trick here is that your number of subscribers will quickly increase when you keep sending informative and educative but non-promotional newsletters. The newsletters have to be related to your business niche.

What people don’t understand is that the newsletters will be in your company’s letterhead. So, once recipients see the email, they are reminded of your brand. Secondly, the more they send informative mails, the more they are seen as an authority in their niche. Naturally, when you are seen as an authority, your credibility will increase and so will your sales.

3. Distribution of branded items
Another way to keep reminding your customers of your brand is to distribute branded items that are of value. Such items are bags, notebooks, key-rings, bottle openers, face caps, and t-shirts. Face caps and t-shirts are better than others. People will wear them and when they move around with the branded face caps or branded t-shirts, others will get to see them.

4. Rebranding
Companies can also rebrand themselves by editing their logos and color combinations. They can also give their website a complete makeover. It is all geared towards reminding their customers of their existence. And it often works.
Conclusively, for businesses, out of sight is out of mind. The moment you stop reminding the world of your existence, you’ll gradually become irrelevant.

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