Five Reasons To Customize Your Brand on EZ-Link and NETS FlashPay Cards

Ez-link and NETS FlashPay are used daily in Singapore. This is the government’s ways of coming to a cash free transportation method. These cards are basically a generic card, all the same. We want you to consider our idea to make Ez-link and NETS FlashPay unique and also beneficial to your business. We offer personal or business customization to these cards. Everyone has one, you can find either one or the other in every purse and every wallet in Singapore.

As a business, why not take advantage of the opportunity you have and make these cards yours? Some of the benefits of customizing the Ez-link or NETS cards include, but are not limited to:

Tourist season is non-stop in Singapore. There are always visitors to the country. Have your business logo and your slogan imprinted onto a trinket or necklace type souvenir for tourists. Not only does this give them a trinket to keep forever, but it will also have them thinking of your business and spreading the word.

Corporations can customize the NETS or Ezlink cards to be used as a door prize, or preload with funds to allow a guest to have free transportation. Not only will they be grateful, but they will also tell others who paid for transportation and show them the card.

Use customized NETS FlashPay or Ez-link travel cards as a form of advertising. With your logo on the front of the card, people will be witnessing the card every day. Therefore they will think of your business first, for the business they need to do.

Corporate holiday gifts, business anniversary tokens of appreciation. Employees will be thankful to receive a token of a transport card. Preloaded with a small amount will benefit them also. Again, many people may see the card, the logo and remember seeing the business name.

Give a customized NETS FlashPay or Ezlink card as a gift for loyalty. Whether it is a certain number of purchases they made, maybe perfect attendance for work. Even given as a token or gift for a job well done.

Customization is a great way to get your business into the public view. They are unique and will show off the business name. Recipients of these NETS and Ezlink cards is a way of gifting something but also helping people in a beneficial way. Showing your branding in this manner, on something that everyone views daily is a smart way to advertise. It will show the consumers that you care, that you are considerate and kind. Also that your business is a worthwhile business.

Customizing NETS or Ezlink is a reflection of you and how you treat others. Show off your business with customization on something that will be viewed every day of the year.

Visit our website for our range of products and comprehensive services. We provide design, packaging customization and letter shopping services to deliver quality finished transport cards. We have served more than 5000 local SMEs, large MNCs, government sectors with their personalized branding on Ez-link and NETS FlashPay cards to bring forth their messages, designs and logos for various events. We look forward to work with you on the customized transport cards serving as an effective and inexpensive marketing and brand awareness tool for your organization.

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