What Is The Nets Flashpay Card?

The NETS Flashpay card is a more secure way of paying for your transit fares in Singapore. The NETS flashpay card can also be used for shopping and retail, and even at some local dining locations. The cards are quick and efficient, they are prepaid and stored value cards that consumers use for a variety of reasons.

Here at SmartCard, we can also offer to personalize the NETS Flashpay cards. Whether it is for business or personal, if you have a picture or design in mind, we can customize the NETS flashpay cards for you.
Customized cards will make great customer appreciation gifts, thank you gifts to loyal employees, gifts for a job well done and promotion. On a personal level, the NETS flashpay card can be customized with a family picture, a picture of a pet, or a picture of the kids. They would make excellent stocking stuffers or gifts around the holidays. When you load them with a prepaid amount, you could send them as gift cards for special occasions. No more worrying that you forgot to grab coins for the transit fare. The cards are quick payment for most activities you enjoy across Singapore. Have them customized so that loads of people will know who you are at your business. That makes a great form of advertising. Along with word of mouth, hearing how your business handed out cards will likely bring in more customers.
What better way of letting others know about your business than with a NETS Flashpay card with your company name, logo or branding? This is great advertising for a business. Keep on Reading!

What Is The EZ-Link Card?

The EZ-Link card was the first prepaid, stored value card to be issued in Singapore. These cards were originally designed for use on public transit. The card eliminated the need to carry change or make change to obtain a ride on the transit bus or other public transportation.

The EZ-Link card continues to remain popular as the transport card in Singapore.
With so many people using the card for transit across Singapore, for work commutes, shopping travel or dining out, why not customize the cards you hand out to employees or customers.

The EZ-Link cards can be customized by our company in any sort of graphic that works for you. We can customize to fit your corporate design needs, as well as creating a unique packaging concept.

The EZ-Link cards can also be customized by our company to fit your personal requirements. What a wonderful gift to hand out to friends or relatives, when it has a photo of your family on the front of the card. They would be able to see smiling faces of people they love each time they pull the card out to use.  Keep on Reading!

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: We Need To Constantly Remind Our Customers About Our Existence For Them

Some people say out of sight is out of mind while others believe that out of sight does not necessarily mean out of mind. When it comes to business, out of sight is out of mind. Once your customers no longer see your adverts or any other thing that reminds them of your brand, they’ll gradually forget about you and switch to your competitors.

You must have observed that the most successful brands are the ones that are still spending millions of dollars on adverts and publicity. When they need a particular product or service, customers are likely to patronize any of the brands whose adverts they still see. Here is the problem. Once you no longer publicize and market your brand, you’ll be heading into irrelevancy.

Constant adverts as well as constant marketing promote credibility. Both of them will continuously reinforce your brand. The level of competition in the corporate world has become crazy so much that organizations hit one another below the belt now. You’ll be shortchanging yourself if you don’t constantly remind your customers of your existence.

Here are a few ways to do that
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How You Can Have Your Customers Remember You Affordably

Residents in Singapore utilize one item that is kept in their wallets or purses, every single day. In order to get around locally, or have public transportation to and from their place of employment, most of the residents and even tourists in Singapore must use NETS FlashPay or Ezlink cards. If a business is looking for an easy and affordable way of advertising, they should highly consider the purchase and customization of the Ezlink and NETS FlashPay cards. Some of these cards are not used just for transportation. Many can be used in food courts and some retail businesses. They could be considered as an all in one form of payment.

These cards could be given out to customers for a variety of reasons. Some of which are:

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Your Brand In Their Wallet

Singapore commuters all carry a card, NETS FlashPay or Ezlink, in their purse or their wallet. This means that millions of people daily are looking at a single type of card. The card that is kept in their wallet or purse, along with all the other highly important items in their wallet. Items such as pictures of their loved ones, credit cards, important information, it is in there. These items are touched, moved and looked at all the time. It would be foolish to not have your branding on one of the cards and important items they keep in their wallets.

Your branding on a NETS FlashPay or Ezlink card, is another chance of some other possible customer seeing your brand. Imagine if for each NETS FlashPay or Ezlink card that you pay to have customized, if one other different person daily, saw that brand a day, how many people will have your brand name on their tongue. Keep on Reading!