Your Brand In Their Wallet

Singapore commuters all carry a card, NETS FlashPay or Ezlink, in their purse or their wallet. This means that millions of people daily are looking at a single type of card. The card that is kept in their wallet or purse, along with all the other highly important items in their wallet. Items such as pictures of their loved ones, credit cards, important information, it is in there. These items are touched, moved and looked at all the time. It would be foolish to not have your branding on one of the cards and important items they keep in their wallets.

Your branding on a NETS FlashPay or Ezlink card, is another chance of some other possible customer seeing your brand. Imagine if for each NETS FlashPay or Ezlink card that you pay to have customized, if one other different person daily, saw that brand a day, how many people will have your brand name on their tongue. Keep on Reading!

Are Cards Becoming Irrelevant?

Technology advances in all fields and smartcards technology is getting its fair share of technological advancements too. Hitherto, smartcards were only used as debit or credit cards. But now, it is being used in other areas. It is used for utility services like power and water and you only need to top up your credit to enjoy more services.

Due to some of the benefits of smartcards, its use for transport is becoming the norm across Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and in some parts of Africa too. Due to these advantages, it is not likely that smartcards will become irrelevant anytime soon. Instead, its technology will keep advancing. Now, there are smartcard companies that offer customized cards. That means individuals and organizations can now customize cards as they want. This is one of the advancements to expect in smartcard technology. Keep on Reading!

Five Reasons To Customize Your Brand on EZ-Link and NETS FlashPay Cards

Ez-link and NETS FlashPay are used daily in Singapore. This is the government’s ways of coming to a cash free transportation method. These cards are basically a generic card, all the same. We want you to consider our idea to make Ez-link and NETS FlashPay unique and also beneficial to your business. We offer personal or business customization to these cards. Everyone has one, you can find either one or the other in every purse and every wallet in Singapore.

As a business, why not take advantage of the opportunity you have and make these cards yours? Some of the benefits of customizing the Ez-link or NETS cards include, but are not limited to:

Tourist season is non-stop in Singapore. There are always visitors to the country. Have your business logo and your slogan imprinted onto a trinket or necklace type souvenir for tourists. Not only does this give them a trinket to keep forever, but it will also have them thinking of your business and spreading the word. Keep on Reading!

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