Why Is Nets FlashPay Card So Famous?

There are several reasons why the NETS FlashPay card is so popular in Singapore. These reasons make the card the best option for you, whether you are tourist or a permanent resident of Singapore. In fact, this article is focused on the reasons why people love the card. So, without further ado, let’s take care of business.

One card for all

You can use this card for your daily transportation needs and other retail needs. Most types of cards are either for transportation or for other retail needs but this card combines both. This makes payment more convenient for you. Here are some places where you can use the card.
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Why Is Ez-Link Card So Famous?

Do you know that Ez-Link cards are so famous in Singapore? So, if you live in Singapore whether as a citizen or an immigrant and you do not have an Ez-Link card, then you should consider getting a customised Ez-Link card from us.

Ez-Link card is so famous because it can be used at virtually all outlets in Singapore. For a proper understanding of how powerful an Ez-Link card is, some of the places where the card is acceptable will be looked at.

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The Differences Between EZ-Link and NETS Flashpay Cards

The EZ-Link and NETS Flashpay cards have virtually the same purpose and uses. They are both preloaded, stored money cards. They are both used for all types of public transportation in Singapore and the surrounding areas. These cards have the capability to make contactless paymentquickly and securely. Payments made are convenient and also accurately.

As a stored value card used in and around Singapore, EZ-Link and NETS pay also allows use in shopping, retail, and some food courts. EZ-Link can also be used for ERP charges, any government payment one needs to make, as well as the transport or transit costs. Keep on Reading!

People Like To Admire Beautiful Things

No one can argue that a picture is worth a thousand words. Beauty is in the eye of the holder. If given the option, most people would love to have a transit, prepaid, stored value card that is beautiful to look at compared to a bland, plain front. When given a choice to customize their NETS flashpay or EZ-Link cards, most people would choose to have a picture on the front.
The picture could be anything. It could be a family picture, a picture of your kids, maybe a favorite pet. Some people would choose to have a beautiful view of something in nature as the design on their cards. This could be wildlife, trees, mountains or a view of the lake or ocean. All of these options are possible.

At SmartCard, we believe the same way. We take it one step further. We give you beauty in the mundane. NETS flashpay and EZ-Link are beneficial and highly used stored value cards. They were originally designed to be used as a way to pay a fare on public transit vehicles. Over time, there became more uses for these types of cards. For those who live in Singapore or those who choose to vacation here and need a way to get around easily, the card is very beneficial. Not only can residents or tourists load the cards with up to $500, but the cards can also be used at a number of establishments. Citizens and visitors alike can use these stored value cards for shopping, retail and even dining out at many different locations. Keep on Reading!

You Use It Daily, Make It Yours

Whether you live in Singapore or if you are on a visit to the beautiful location, there is one thing you will need while you are here. In order to utilize public transportation, most people carry a prepaid, stored value card. These cards allow for quick and efficient payment of transit fees. NETS flashpay and the EZ-Link cards are a safe and secure way to pay for many things in Singapore. They can be used for the transit fees, shopping and retail, and even used in some food and dining locations.

The cards are easily loaded, in different increments and they have years of use before they come to an expiry date. They are handy to have and work the same as a prepaid credit card. As long as the money is on there, your expenses are paid.

Since this is a card that you carry with you everywhere, and likely use each and every day to commute to and from work, or to town to do some errands and shopping, why not make the NETS flashpay card or the EZ-Link card customized and beautiful. At SmartCard, we do just that. We can print either card with a family picture, a picture of your pet, a business logo, a business motto or branding or even a picture of nature or a famous quote that you love. We design and create these cards in a fashion you choose. The NETS flashpay card and EZ-Link cards can be purchased for your own use, or as one of many other options. Keep on Reading!