Are Cards Becoming Irrelevant?

Technology advances in all fields and smartcards technology is getting its fair share of technological advancements too. Hitherto, smartcards were only used as debit or credit cards. But now, it is being used in other areas. It is used for utility services like power and water and you only need to top up your credit to enjoy more services.

Due to some of the benefits of smartcards, its use for transport is becoming the norm across Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and in some parts of Africa too. Due to these advantages, it is not likely that smartcards will become irrelevant anytime soon. Instead, its technology will keep advancing. Now, there are smartcard companies that offer customized cards. That means individuals and organizations can now customize cards as they want. This is one of the advancements to expect in smartcard technology.

So, what are the features of smartcards that will keep the technology relevant for a very long time?
Some of them have been discussed right below.

1. They require authentication
Smartcards often require some forms of authentication like passwords or pass codes. This is for security reasons. It protects the user against identity theft. Anyone cannot just steal your card and use it except if the person has access to your smartcard pass code.

2. They are system-sensitive
Every type of smartcard is designed for a particular purpose and system. Only that system can be able to access the information on the chips of the cards. For instance, a card that is designed for ABC Transport services cannot be used for XYZ transport services. The information on the card will be invalid. This provides some level of security too.

3. Easy transfer of data
The real value of any smartcard lies in the chip embedded in it. The chip stores a lot of data depending on its capacity. The best part is that data on each chip is very easy to transfer. When your card becomes either damaged or stolen, the provider of the card will only move all the data on the card to another card and it will be given to you usually for a certain amount of money. The ease with which data can be transferred is another reason for the smartcard technology to remain relevant.

4. It is almost impossible to clone
Before now, criminals could duplicate your card to defraud you. Now, smartcard technology has gone beyond that. Two copies of the same card cannot exist at the same time. The system will flag it. This is why your stolen card is first rendered useless before creating a new one for you.

If you have ever reported your card stolen only to find it after getting a new one, you would have realized that the old one no longer works.

Of course, there are many other benefits offered by the smartcard technology apart from the few outlined above. Nevertheless, they are enough reasons why cards are still highly relevant in our society and will continue to be relevant for a long time.

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